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Parents Power
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Children's Room
Children's Room


Due to the active Hong Kong law stating that children under 16 years of age cannot be left alone at home, welcoming parents to bring their young children to work really does make a difference, giving these parents the opportunity to earn money while abiding by the law.
Reintroducing these parents back into the labor force may help relieve them from their financial burdens and regain employment.
By creating new job oppotunities, Parents Power can help these parents support themselves and generate a positive attitude for a better working environment, sustaining productive cycle of work.
Parents Power strives to assist parents in need of work and self support.
'Outsourcing' Scheme


By providing flexible working hours, even those who aren't able to work for long periods can work. Parents who find it difficult to leave home to work under certain circumstances can apply for the "Outsourcing" scheme, where portions of the product can be delivered directly to home, where the product is assembled and can be sent back to the factory after completion.


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